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End of Financial Year Sale! Use code EOFY40 at checkout for 40% discount on all orders!

End of Financial Year Sale! Use code EOFY40 at checkout for 40% discount on all orders!


The future of our planet comes down to the choices we make every day. Every purchasing decision we make, every brand we support, every product we use – all of our choices have an impact, no matter how big or small they are.

Many people admit that they want to transition to organic and eco-friendly products, making choices that are more aligned with their values. You may ask: what’s stopping them? In reality, finding ethically made products and suppliers that you trust is incredibly challenging.

United by the passion for sustainability and our love for the environment, three friends came together with an idea to create a one-stop, eco-conscious marketplace that makes your shopping experience as seamlessly sustainable as possible by working with companies and brands that care about the planet.

Be a part of the social change today – it’s time we’ve made our shopping a sustainable practice that is easy and hassle-free, just as nature intended it.

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Thoughtfully curated with an eco-friendly approach in mind, Good 4 Planet marketplace has a range of sustainable, certified and ethically made organic products. You can trust that a range of products that reflects our philosophy and fits in our criteria and anything you buy and sell through this platform is good for you, your health, the environment, and the planet.


We have exclusively partnered with businesses and people that share our core values and commitment to sustainable living. Together we drive forward social change, working alongside them to make our dream of saving the planet a reality. We take pride in our supply chains - from manufacturing and sourcing products all the way to distribution and customer service delivery, we only employ environmentally-friendly practices. With a mission to make a real difference for our communities, we ensure that our dealings with partners, patrons and other stakeholders are transparent, cultivating consumer trust and confidence in our systems and processes, and sustainably sourced supply chains.

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Good 4 Planet offers some of the finest products on the market that are responsibly sourced, organic, biodegradable and accessible for all. Day to day, we ensure that all of our products meet the premium quality standards, taking all the necessary steps to comply with organic standard checks, from the product’s place of origin all the way to post-harvest facilities, processing, distribution and customer service.

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Supporting local

We believe in the power of community. Working closely with small and medium-sized retailers, we are devoted to supporting the local communities, implementing practices and dedicating our resources to foster an inclusive environment and enrich their livelihoods. Through collaboration with local retailers, we support micro-farms and female-owned farms, providing them with equal opportunities for growth as we create a space for them to share their expertise and encourage collective collaboration initiatives.

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